Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weird Titles

Here is a list of the weirdest book titles that have come into the store in February:

- The Beggar’s Handbook, A Guide to Successful Panhandling by P. Packet

- Nazis In The Woodpile by Egon Glesinger

- You May Know them As Sea Urchins, Ma’am by Ray Guy

- The Mafia Of A Sicilian Village, A Study In Violent Peasant Entrepreneurs" by Anton Blok

- Surviving in Prison by Harold Long

- Old Wives For New by Graham Phillips

- The Myth Of Ability by John Mighton

- You Die Next, Jill Baby! by Kirby Carr

- Old Age, It’s Cause And Prevention by Sanford Bennett

Anyone have weird titles of their own to share?