Thursday, August 16, 2012

Road Trip

There was a time when a bookstore owner could expect a visit from an irate father for selling their teen daughter Henry Miller but today it’s not the young we have to worry about. You may have noticed that old people don’t die any more, they just get more difficult. Many of my customers are elderly and it’s obvious that men don’t stay as sharp as women. This can be awkward as women seem to have two ways of dealing with their slightly confused spouse and both can be jarring. Some say things like “Put that down RIGHT now you crazy old bastard” while others say things like “Now, now, Harry-Poo, put the book down like a good boy”. I’ve notified my wife which method I prefer when it’s my time but I figure she’ll just wing it and let me wander off in the woods, in my shorts, in February.

On a lighter note, we drove to the Maritimes for a holiday last month and took a shortcut through the state of Maine. Donna navigated with the maps I pulled off Google Earth while I drove in circles cursing and you’d do the same if entire towns kept appearing in the wrong place. I kept confusing Right and Left and it didn’t help that Donna said it was because I confused Right and Wrong.

The Bay of Fundy ferry crossing was uneventful except for when I tripped in a doorway and went flying screaming into the men's toilet and scared the bejesus out of all the guys doing their business. I hung out nonchalantly by the lifeboats for most of the crossing, there are times when you want to be in front of the line.
We finally got to Nova Scotia and I immediately began to eat lobster. I didn’t tell Donna that I’d watched a YouTube clip called “How To Eat A Lobster” and I think she was impressed with my carapace-crushing skills until I discovered the scary green goop in the body. What the hell was that supposed to be? Poop? Guts? YouTube didn’t cover that so I said to Donna, that my dear is only eaten by Cossacks but you can have some if you like.

Then we went whale watching and I got sea-sick and threw up over the side (mostly) and everyone accused me of scaring the whales. The ship’s pilot tried to calm things down by saying that my loud retching sounded like a finback whale mating call but I get the feeling everyone got a refund except me.


  1. Captain UnderpantsAugust 16, 2012 at 6:56 PM

    Maybe what Donna meant is that the Right is right and the Left is wrong? Oh, the heresy! No right-thinking (Right-thinking?) Quebecker can think this!

  2. Blogs are not easy, Pierre. If one checks every day, most draw a blank. However, when one finds one of your posts, it is a pleasure, i.e. a bloody good laugh. Is there any way, in this global delight, via which you could alert your readers that you have added a new post?
    Your socialist friend.
    p.s. Am finding "The Brain" quite useful.

    1. Thank you for the kind words!

      As for an alert, I believe you'd have to add my blog to your news reader. I do link to my posts here on facebook though.

      Thanks again!

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